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Join 10x World Champion, Roger Gracie, as he trains and teaches at his London academy alongside the legendary coral belt, Mauricio Gomes.

Members will receive never-before-seen access to Roger Gracie’s game, gaining insight into what made him both a prolific submission specialist and escape artist.

Roger Gracie TV members benefit from:

  • A growing database of technique tutorials from Roger Gracie, covering all positions and situations to help elevate your jiu jitsu.
  • Self-defence and ‘old school’ curriculum with Mauricio Gomes, who received his black belt from the legendary Rolls Gracie.
  • Videos of Roger Gracie sparring and training with his students, as well as standout jiu jitsu and MMA World Champions.
  • Instant access to content on your computer, tablet or smartphone anywhere in the world, enabling you to learn at your own pace.

It’s Time To Elevate Your Game

This is your chance to learn from the most decorated jiu jitsu practitioner of all time and develop the same skills that were vital to Gracie’s success.

Learn how Roger implements simple principles to pass modern guards, escape dangerous positions and strengthen traditional attacks you may have abandoned. If that wasn’t enough, members also gain access to a library of self-defence and ‘old school’ jiu jitsu techniques taught by Roger’s father, Mauricio Gomes.