Roger Gracie TV - FAQs


Can I see the range of video content before I sign up? Yes, you will be able to navigate and search the site to see the range, category and title of each video we feature, however, you won’t be able to view any of the “paid-for” content until you sign up for a membership, but you will know how many videos are there and what they feature before you join. You can see some sample videos by searching for the Roger Gracie TV YouTube channel.

Will the content change over time? Yes, we regularly update the site with new content over the course of each month.

How do I view the videos? You just need to select play and the videos will run. Performance will be based on the speed of your Internet connection and browser, amongst other things, so please do make sure to check out the taster videos first via the Roger Gracie TV YouTube channel to make sure you are happy with what you see.

Can I stream Roger Gracie TV videos on my smartphone or tablet? Yes, our website is fully responsive, so video content will format perfectly on mobile devices and tablets.

I’m having problems viewing my video content. First, check that your membership is actually active.  Log in to your user account, then select SUBSCRIPTIONS. You will be able to see the current status of your subscription and it needs to be ACTIVE to view member content.

If you have playback issues try the Vimeo help documentation at the Vimeo Help Center – Watching videos


What are your membership options? You can choose to subscribe to either a monthly or annual membership plan.

Annual membership plans offer a substantial discount and you will make a one-off card payment when you join. We will not take any further payments automatically so at the end of the year your membership and subscription will expire. You are free to buy a new subscription (we think you will) and you will be able to process your own order via your Roger Gracie TV account. We don’t offer cancellation /pro rata refund options on annual subscriptions.

Monthly rolling memberships offer a flexible way to join. You will make a card payment for the monthly fee when you join, and your card details will be stored as a source with Stripe, our payment gateway. Stripe will automatically attempt to take renewal payments on the due date until you cancel your subscription, or your payment is not successful. So, the minimum period you are subscribing for is one month, and you can cancel at any time via your Roger Gracie TV account.

A full list of our terms and conditions is available on the site, via the link in the home page footer.

Just to clarify, I have full control of my Roger Gracie TV account and any further payments you may take? Yes, that’s right. If you take out an annual payment plan we will not take any renewal payments.  That’s up to you to place a new order if you want.  We will send you an email after your subscription has expired to let you know that you will need to renew to access membership content.

If you take out a monthly payment plan, recurring monthly renewal payments are automatically generated by Stripe using your stored payment card until you cancel your plan via your Roger Gracie TV account. There is no minimum term and you can cancel at any time by logging in to your account then selecting SUBSCRIPTIONS/VIEW/CANCEL.

Your cancellation will take effect from the next renewal due date, so if you cancel mid-month you will continue to have access to member content until the end of the month you have been billed for. During this period your subscription will show the status “pending cancellation”. We do not offer refunds or credits for any partial month membership periods.

Monthly renewals are taken calendar monthly, so

Join 15th of month, payment taken on 15th of each month

Join 31st of month, renewal payments will be taken on the last day of each month (i.e. 31st, 30th, or on the last day of February).

What happens if you change the monthly membership price? You will continue to pay the price that you signed up for, only new customers will pay the amended price.  If you used a discount code when you signed up this code will only apply while that subscription is active.  If the subscription becomes inactive then the discount will not apply to re-subscriptions.


I am trying to buy a subscription but I’m being told I can’t purchase more than one product. That’s right, you can’t have two identical subscription products in your basket at the same time.  If you see this message, make sure you are logged out of any account you may have set up, then select the SHOPPING CART icon and delete any duplicate products.  From there, go straight to check out.

I think I’ve paid, but I can’t play any videos. If you have received the on-screen message that your order has been successful, you should be able to access your member content as soon as payment has cleared, which is generally straight away.  Very occasionally, our payment gateway, Stripe, ask us to review a successful payment manually before your membership can become active.  We will conduct this review as soon as we are in the office and are able to do so, then set your account live.

If you do not receive an on-screen message to say that your order has been successful, that will mean that there was a problem processing payment, and your order has not completed. There are a number of reasons for this, but generally it will be one of the following:

You logged out of the check out pages too soon – revisit your account/SUBSCRIPTIONS/ then complete the order.

There was a payment gateway timeout – again, this can happen occasionally and you need to revisit your account/SUBSCRIPTIONS/then complete the order.

Your card was declined by your bank – scroll on the page to see what the message says. Some banks are very helpful and tell you what the error is so you can correct it and try again. 

Most other “declined” payments fall into the category of “unspecified” and you will need to contact your bank to find out why.  Often it is a security issue and your bank is protecting you from a potential fraudulent use of your card (some US banks in particular, because we are based in the UK).  Ask them to authorise the transaction and then return to your account to process payment for the order without delay – bank authorisations don’t last for long!

Some banks and card types do not support recurring monthly payments or payments outside of your own country.  Again, your bank will confirm this for you.


How do I cancel my subscription? Just log in to your account, select SUBSCRIPTIONS from the menu items, then VIEW, then CANCEL. Once you have cancelled, your subscription status will change to PENDING CANCELLATION for the remainder of your paid period.  At the end of that period it will automatically update to CANCELLED.

Can I just send you an email asking to cancel my monthly subscription rather than cancelling it myself from within my account? No, you will need to log in to your own Roger Gracie TV account and select the active subscription link, from which you will get the option to cancel.  We don’t process cancellation requests received by email (see terms and conditions).

What happens if I want to re-subscribe? Just log in to your account, click on the SUBSCRIPTION tab and view your subscription.  The option to re-subscribe will be available.

What happens if I want to change my payment card? You can update your card details from within your Roger Gracie TV account. Go to SUBSCRIPTIONS/VIEW/CHANGE PAYMENT.

What happens if my payment card expires and/or my renewal payment fails? We operate an automatic recurring renewal payment system, so several attempts will be made to process your payment using the card source stored by Stripe.  If this process fails you will receive emails from us to let you know that we are still attempting to process payment.  If all attempts fail, you will finally receive an email inviting you to log in and process payment manually.  If you are changing your payment card, don't forget to log in to SUBSCRIPTIONS/VIEW/CHANGE PAYMENT to store your new card details for monthly renewals.

My membership seems to be paused when I haven’t cancelled my subscription. Check your active subscription to see if a renewal payment is currently due. Your membership will be on hold until the payment has successfully been processed. Stripe will make several attempts to collect the payment due, but it may be that you need to update your card details, for example if the card expiry date has changed.  You can update your payment card details from within your account. Click on SUBSCRIPTIONS/VIEW/CHANGE PAYMENT. 

During the subscription renewal process there will be a very short time when your account is on hold while payment is processed – for a successful payment this will be generally less than a minute or so.


What happens if I forget my password or user name? When you attempt to log in you can request an email link to re-set your password. If you just want to change your password and you can remember it, you can reset your password from within your account.

I’m not receiving your emails. Check your spam filters and make sure to add us to your safe senders list.  There are occasions when our emails will be blocked and we try to monitor and resend where possible.  It’s also possible that your email was incorrect when you placed your order.  Again, we try to monitor these and will correct any obvious email address errors if we see them.

You also need to make sure that you don’t select the option to unsubscribe from our transactional emails.